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Thursday, December 16, 2010

70's Style Bag

I felt inspired to create another crochet bag - reminiscent of the hippy style of the late 60's - early 70's ....... and so the rather dated colour scheme ! This is a shoulder bag. A decorative aspect, I've noticed, on all the designer handbags now is the charm dangle .... a "must have" statement icon, and so, in keeping up with things, this model also has a dangle - of matching wooden beads. :)


  1. Sorry this is my first time on blogger... and dont know how to message personally. I like this and other items on this page.Do you make the items to sell? If so is there a way i can purchase some of the items?



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  3. good day do you sell the pattern of the 70's bag? would really appreciate it. Chrisi

  4. Hi Chrisi ..... thanks for your interest in the 70's style crochet bag. I don't actually have a pattern for it. When making these things, it's usually made up as it goes - then becomes a one off item..... Shirley.

  5. What type of yarn did you use for this? Love it!

  6. Hi Alyssa .... thanks for visiting :) The yarn is a sturdy acrylic 8 ply. It's machine washable and wears well. Wool is nice, but may gather some fluff on the surface after awhile, from wear and handling...... Shirley.