Textile artifacts - not too serious - not too impractical - just for fun - handmade from wool, fiber, fabrics and decorated with - well - whatever.........

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Crochet Dilly Bag

Another fun handbag, with drawstring ties, crocheted from Australian wool in strong, but subdued shades of teal blue, mustard, hot pink, turquoise, red, plus others.
The lilac purple, cotton lining has a pocket to one side, and a charm dangle makes the finishing touch ..... 9.1/2" deep.


  1. Can I get the pattern? Please!?

  2. Hi .... unfortunately I don't have a pattern to give you for this bag. When crocheting, a design is worked out as I go, without the intention of repeating it - hence, not written down.