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Friday, February 25, 2011

Katrina's Winter Coat

Katrina will be 4 this coming winter .... and this is her new little coat. It has pockets on the side fronts, set into bands of colour, which have been knitted with a double thread. One being a speckled wool of 3 shades and used with a plain colour - alternating blue, hot pink, gold and green. By doing this, it brought the fabric to the same thickness as the blue-grey wool of the main section, which was actually very thick - about 16 ply.


  1. Too sweet! Wow - what an incredible coat. I bet she looks smashing in it!

  2. Katrina says "I will be all snuggy up for winter in that" "I might put some shells in the pocket" "The flower is sooo pretty"...I agree, thanks heaps. Love Bernadette

  3. This is a very beautiful coat. I just love your colours!

  4. Thankyou very much Auli .... my daughter, Katrina's mother, chose most of the colours. :)