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Sunday, May 27, 2012

New Children's Handknits

It has been some time since the last post.  Fortunately, the house hasn't been sold yet, and I've been able to enjoy some knitting time.  It is such a tactile craft, simple in it's requirements - beautiful bamboo needles and soft luxurious wool - a wonderful combination.
The weather now is cool enough to wear the light green top pictured in the previous post.  Children's knits have been a main item on the agenda for a few weeks.  This little boy's style is handknitted from new season's luxury machine wash wool, from the Bendigo Mills in Victoria.  A bold rib pattern worked on 5.50mm needles.  The wool needs to knit to 12 ply for this size needle.  Pattern repeats over 4 + 3 stitches and 2 rows.  Very easy and gives a wonderful texture.

Pattern : Row 1 : K3 *P1,K3 rep.from* to end.
               Row 2 : K1 *P1,K3 rep.from * to last 2 stitches, P1,K1.

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