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Monday, March 7, 2011

New Crochet Hat

A fun woollen 70's hat to match the crochet dilly bag, made previously. Bright accessories to wear with plain dark, winter clothes, or blue jeans.


  1. Hi Marie .... Unfortunately, I don't have a pattern to give you. The bag was designed and made up as I went. Nothing was written down.
    I haven't published your comment because of the email address on it being publically seen.
    To re-create this bag and write a pattern for it, would be a big job.

  2. I am trying to make something similar but I am having trouble with the bottom not siting flat! Any suggestions???

  3. Hi Heather .... Do you mean the hat ? ....If so, it has 4 rows of double crochet around the bottom, then a shell edge. The pattern for the shell edging you will find on the crochet dilly bag pattern posted this year. :-)