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Monday, March 14, 2011

Rectangular Crochet Cushion

Crochet motif cushion cover 12" x 21".


  1. These colors and shades are nice! The crochet motif is very popular in Finland, too. We call them grandmother's squares (or rectangles?) nowadays.

  2. Hi Paula .... Thankyou for visiting. The Granny square is my favourite form of crochet... because it is a way of mixing colours to achieve different looks, within the square, and then matching it to others to make a fabric. I find the process facinating.

  3. Hello Alice. I am a blogfriend of Paula. That´s the way, I came here to visit.
    You have very beautiful colours everywhere. I have those granny squares also in my blog.
    We still have winter and snow here, but the day is getting longer quickly.
    As you see, I try to practice my english writing :)

  4. Hello Anneli .... Thankyou for visiting the blog - and your kind comment.
    Here, in the west of Australia, we are still in summer weather even though the days are closing in much sooner. It is dark now by 6.30pm. :)
    I'm amazed at the way that Paula and yourself can write english .... it's wonderful !

  5. Alice. I´m very happy, that you visited my blog.
    Thank you for your comments!
    I started this lovely "bloglife" three months ago.
    Sounds good to hear, that you understand my writing. I have not been practising my english writing for a long time. At school I studied english for seven years. But that´s a long time ago :)