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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jumper with Crochet Motif

This little style, knitted in size 3 years, has a crochet flower motif in contrasting colours, placed at the front neckline. It is bordered on the sides by an openwork pattern - which, in more detail, runs across the lower edge. The purple wool has a high percentage of angora (rabbit wool), - absolutely beautiful, soft and fluffy - also very warm.


  1. Alice, for me it is a new idea to combine knitting and crocheting - looks beautiful. I have seen several pieces of work made like this in your blog but I have never tried myself, yet.

  2. To Daisy, Sara and Paula .... Thankyou for visiting..... and the comments - which are much appreciated. :)
    Due to a change in home circumstances, I shall be finishing the blog very shortly. It has been 1 year now and I've enjoyed the communication blogging has brought ..... all best wishes - from Alice.

  3. Alice, I find it really sad to hear you are finishing your blogs. But I wish you all best things and blessing and enjoyment you will need in your life and your work and in many tasks.

  4. Dear Alice. I am also sad to hear that you are finishing your blogs. Perheaps we´ll meet some day in the future. Thank you for your kindness.
    Take care :)

  5. merhaba, çok güzel bluz begendim..