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Friday, April 8, 2011

Stripey Fair Isle

This little jumper was knitted for a 1 year old girl, but would also suit a boy.

Designed to use up small amounts of different coloured wool. The style itself is very simple, with 2 buttons on a back neck opening.

The quantities needed are 1 x 50g ball of main colour - oatmeal, 1 x 50g blue, 1 x 50g green, 25g each of white and magenta, 12g or 1/4 of red.


  1. What a beautiful little jumper :)

  2. Hello Daisy .... Thankyou for the compliment... When Monique (grandaughter) was just 1 yr old, she loved this jumper and had a lot of wear out of it. Looking at them again, brings back those memories. :)